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Dustin Clemons A.K.A. Big Dus from Charleston SC was born a big thinker, and a leader. After years of living and experiencing his historical hometown Dustin decided to travel away and embark on the next chapter of his life. After a few years in Florida Dustin received his bachelors degree in Entrainment Business from the world renowned Full Sail University. Dustin's years of studying entertainment and being around creative people helped him focus more on the behind the scene workings of the entertainment industry and gave him a platform at witch he could expand.

After just a few years in Florida Dustin traveled once again but this time his next move would be the biggest of them all, Los Angeles the Entertainment Capitol. After moving to Los Angeles Dustin quickly  got his family settled in and began to brainstorm his approach to working within the entertainment industry. Dustin decided to take all that he had learned and experienced,  and founded Been Raw Catalogs, an entertainment Content Management, Production and Consulting  company. After a few early successful projects Dustin continued to think outside the box and learned about new industries; after being inspired by his new surroundings Dustin decided to combine his experience in Warehouse and Logistics along with his fascination with Technology and founded WareActics; focusing on Automation, Computer Software, Warehousing and Logistics. Dustin continues to leverage his knowledge and lead his organization.  With a hefty portfolio of companies and to stay ahead of the ever changing trends and volatility Dustin has been able to monetize on many of his ideas.

With dozens of projects being worked on at WareActics facilities and his continued effort to bring new content to consumers Dustin has always relied on building relationships, learning from his surroundings and other's mistakes, all while taking the roads less traveled. With the start of Sounds a Production Music, Audio Editing, and Composition company in witch Dustin decided to focus his music creation experience on; and the projected 2017 release of his digital magazine AMllionGrind, there is no question that we will be hearing a lot about Dustin Clemons in the many exciting years to come.

Company Portfolio

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Audio Mixing, Music Production, Original Music, and Score Composition.


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Content Management, Production, and Consulting


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Digital Magazine


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Focusing on Automation, Computer Software, Warehousing and Logistics.


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